Circle Resin Studs

Circle Resin Studs

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This is a pair of stud earrings that are made out of a mixture of high quality resin and glitters. They are also extremely lightweight. We love that!


The posts are nickel-free surgical steel, and are adhered to the earrings with UV resin - those babies aren't going anywhere! 


Earring Diameter: 22mm


These are considered "limited edition" because they might not be made again. There may be similar pieces made in the future, but this is not guarenteed... so grab her up before she is gone!


Just a friendly reminder from Day One:

"Every day is an opportunity to start something new. Stand with your head held high, cool earrings on, and take over the world, babe."

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    Returns/Refund Requests accepted under the following circumstances:

    1. The product was damaged during shipment. A photograph must be provided within 3 days of the order's arrival to its destination. Either a full refund will be issued, or you may request a replacement at no extra cost to you - shipping included.
    2. You have decided that the product is just not for you. Returning of products in perfect condition are accepted if requested within 7 days of the order's arrival to its destination. A refund will be issued upon reciept of the product if it is in perfect condition (make sure to package them well), but the cost of shipping to return the product is the customer's responsibility.
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  • Resin Care Instructions

    Resin is pretty hard-wearing, but to get the best out of your pieces and ensure they last a lifetime, please try to follow this advice. When needed, clean your resin jewelry with a cloth, mild dish soap, and warm water.

    Do NOT submerge your pieces in water. Resin is NOT water proof, only water resistant. So please remember to remove your pieces before showers, swimming, washing up etc.

    Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This includes perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, antibacterial hand sanitizer etc. Solvents will react with the epoxy and cause it to become scaly, yellow, chip or break down completely. 

    Though resin is fairly durable, it can chip, crack, or even break if not treated with care. Be mindful of the way you habdle your resin pieces.

    Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the resin to discolor and soften.